Veronica Kingsley

Tempting freedom

Tempting Freedom – The Sheikh and the Marine Desert Heat Military Romance

Christine thinks she’s seen it all, but in fact she has seen nothing yet. At the age of 30, after having built a full life outside of the military, she’s ordered to leave it all behind and go back to the Middle East, to spy on Abdel Al-Rashidi, a wealthy Iraqi statesman who has the power to change the game in the region.

The problem: while on training before her mission, she meets Jonathan, a hot Marine lieutenant and the closest thing to Mr. Perfect she’s ever seen.

Jonathan cannot know about Abdel. He will never understand.

Abdel cannot know about Jonathan. Christine’s devotion to anything but him will put all of them in great danger.

There must be a way out of the mess… but what if there isn’t?

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Tempting Freedom - The Marine and the Sheikh Desert Heat Military Romance